Kirstyn Hippe is a 21-year-old student of Media, Culture, & the Arts at The King's College in New York City; she spent her childhood in Lexington, Kentucky and her adolescence in Cincinnati, Ohio. She's also pretty terrible at writing "about" sections, so please forgive her. 

She's been on the Harry Potter fan scene since 2009, writing nerdy songs, attending conferences, and making a general fool of herself. After winning the LeakyStars competition at LeakyCon in 2012, she went on to play mainstage the next year and go on three wizard rock tours! She also makes music that isn't about Harry Potter, don't worry.

Kirstyn, also active in the YouTube crowd, has been posting videos to the internet for the past 6 years (they get more embarrassing the further back you scroll). However questionable her past videos may be, she is very grateful to online video for opening a lot of doors for her both personally and professionally.

Kirstyn plans to combine her concerning love of musicals and social media to establish a career in digital marketing for Broadway. 

You can usually find her crying over pictures of her dog, Bonnie. She's the cutest. Really.

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